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M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTCPINK: MLHC),(“ M Line”)  M Line is a holding company with subsidiaries that manufacture products and services to the precision high-tech segment of both the aerospace, defense and medical industries.  In addition, M Line through its financial services company provides financial services to its customers and supports their efforts to bring cloud computing technology to the aerospace industry.  M  Line’s third subsidiary provides pre-owned refurbished CNC equipment primarily to the aerospace, energy and medical industries however the Company is currently not active.

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Precision Aerospace and Technologies, Inc.Precision-Aerospace-and-Technologies-Inc-Logo-e1378930031521

Precision Aerospace and Technologies, Inc. (“Precision”) (formerly Eran Engineering, Inc.) has been in business since 1976. It was acquired by M Line Holdings, Inc. (formerly Gateway International Holdings, Inc.), (ticker symbol “MLHC”) in 2003. Precision is a customer focused, industry leading aircraft component manufacturer offering low cost build-to-print and assembly services for production and spare parts, with design, development and sustaining engineering support services for their customers.

Precision has an installed base of over thirty five CNC machines manufacturing precision metal parts primarily for the aerospace and medical industries.

Precision’s largest customers include Panasonic and UTC Aerospace Systems-UTAS (formerly Goodrich and Hamilton Sundstrand).  Panasonic has been a Precision customer for the last 20 years.

Precision also manufactures metal parts for other industries and has developed VAPE “pipes” for use in the Vaping industry.  The ongoing development of technology for this product will enable Precision to provide a superior product compared to mostly Chinese manufactured units.

M L Machinery Funding, Inc.  dba M L Financial Services

M L Financial Services (:MLF”) provides business and financial services to its customers including but not limited to aerospace industry specific business services, financial services including obtaining business loans and financial support to customers in the public arena.  MLF also supports the efforts of one of its customers bringing cloud computing technology to the aerospace manufacturing industry.

E.M. Tool Company, Inc. dba Elite Machine Tool Company


Elite Machine Tool Company (“Elite”) was founded in 1990.  Elite specializes in the sale
of pre-owned machine tools originally manufactured by Mori Seiki and other high end Japanese machine tool manufacturers.

Elite became a subsidiary of M Line Holdings, Inc. (formerly Gateway International Holdings, Inc.), (ticker symbol “MLHC”) in 2002.

M Line suspended the operations of Elite in early 2015 but hopes to restart the Company in the second quarter of 2016.

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